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REVA Products


  REVA e-Learing


REVA e-Learning a division of REVA Consulting is a commercial Learning Management System (LMS) for a Individual user or Organisation to get access to an Education Video Portal. learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of education courses or training programs.


REVA e-Learning represents an innovative shift in the field of learning, providing rapid access to specific knowledge and information. It offers online instruction that can be delivered anytime and anywhere through a wide range of electronic learning solutions such as Web-based courseware, online discussion groups, live virtual classes, video and audio streaming, Web chat, online simulations, and virtual mentoring


Key Features:

  •  SCORM Compliance

  •  Automated Bulk Import / Export / Delete & Breaking up of videos

  •  Make Learning available anytime, anywhere

  •  Automate Reminders

  •  Textual Video search & Navigation

  •  Reporting


  REVA Rebate Fulfillment


REVA Rebate Fulfillment a division of REVA Consulting to offer our clients a full line of Rebate fulfillment services allowing you to have all your promotional programs under one roof with the assurance that they are going to be administered by experts in the industry. Our goal is to provide the highest level of fulfillment service based on experience and a clear vision of the forces and dynamics that shape the future of E-commerce. The following is an outline of the E-commerce services that offer by our Product:

  •  Web-site interfacing

  •  Secure credit card transactions

  •  Banking and PO Box administration

  •  Shipment tracking

  •  On-line Customer Service Support

  •   Data capture and custom programming

  •  Client-oriented reporting

  •  Customized check printing


  REVA Docfree


REVA Docfree a division of REVA Consulting is providing high-quality data entry and document capture services for customers throughout the United States. We strive to exceed our customers' expectations by providing a secure work environment, quick turnaround and cost-effective solutions. We analyze every project to find the best, most cost-effective method for capturing the data. High quality and quick turnaround are our standards.


Key Features:

  •  One-stop solution for all your data and document processing and scanning needs

  •  Small & Large Scale Data Processing and Analysis

  •  Document prepartion, Scanning and Indexing

  •  Export scanned documents and indexes

  •  Convert Paper documents in digital images or pdf files

  •  Database design, setup and documentation

  •  Secure off-site data backup facility


Our Products are fully customizable based on client requirements. For more details about our different packages please contact us at info@revaconsulting.net